Are you trying to lose body fat? Looking to build muscle while minimizing fat gain? Or perhaps you simply want to maintain your current body composition (ratio of muscle to fat mass). No matter what your goal, having a firing metabolism will help you. A lot.


Having your metabolism burning hot 24/7 is a sure fire way to know that the food you eat is going to muscle and not being stored as fat. A fast metabolism allows us to get away with eating more food (to a degree) without putting on fat. This is very beneficial during times of overfeeding (mass gain/ bulking/ lean muscle gain).

During a fat loss diet, we often get caught up in how many calories we burn through exercise, or how much food we eat during the day. However, follow  this plan for a while and you know too well that fat loss/weight loss comes to halt and our metabolism slows down. This is where we need new strategies to get the metabolism going again. otherwise, slow metabolism=no fat loss.



 (Think of your metabolism like an engine To perform well you want a damn good one!)


1. Replace some carbs and fats with protein- It takes energy (calories) to digest food. This is called the ‘Thermic Effect of Food’. 20-35% of protein calories are burned through processing. Carbs are around 5-15% and fat is a measly 0-5%, not much at all. From these stats we see that we burn about twice as many calories from eating protein, compared to carbs or fats. If you add up a whole day or even a whole weeks worth of calories, that’s a massive difference! Massive! Protein isen’t just for building muscle, its for losing or staying lean. Eat your protein!

Where to get it?

  • fish-tuna, salmon, herring, whiting, barramundi
  • poultry-chicken, turkey, duck
  • egg whites
  • lean red meat-steak, lamb
  • low fat/no fat milk, cheese and yoghurt, cottage cheese
  • protein powders- fat burning proteins, WPI, protein blends or casein

2. Lift weights!-weight training tears muscle apart and depletes muscle glycogen stores. Our metabolism must increase to meet the energy requirements in the repair process. Do you know what your is doing during this time? Burning fat!!!

3. The more muscles an exercise involves, the better- Put simply, it takes ALOT MORE CALORIES to perform a back squat than a bicep curl. Compound exercises force your body to work harder, require a lot of calories to perform and increase metabolism exponentially after your workout. They also build way more muscle than isolation exercises like bicep curls or lateral raises.

4. Short rest periods between sets- Want to take weight training even more effective for increasing metabolism? Rest 30seconds or less between sets. This will make your heart rate go sky high, as well as cause a huge lactic acid buildup. This is exactly what we want a fat loss workout to do!

5. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) -if you’re used to steady state cardio at a low heart rate, then you’re in for a ride. With hiit, we alternate periods of exercising really, really hard with recovery or rest periods where we exercise at a really easy pace. This repeated for about 15-min, not including warm ups. We essentially have our own ‘sets and reps’, as with weight training. Those hard exercise bouts are going to deplete muscle glycogen stores (carbs), as well as exhaust your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems. What does this lead to you ask? A huge increase in your metabolism! Hiit burns plenty of calories both during and after exercise. Its also one of the best ways to build high levels of fitness quicky. Winning!!!


So there you have. Five excellent ways to increase your metabolism. if you’ve stalled in your fat loss routine, or if you don’t like the idea of putting much fat on a muscle building plan, then you best get that metabolism firing on all cylinders! Give these strategies a go today, you won’t be sorry!

By John Welna, personal trainer

For further info, feel free to ask Johhny if you see him around at Powerhouse Gym or contact him via facebook, email or on 0409252577.





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